BENECARE Foundation has been established on 18 June 2015 and is an exclusively non-profit foundation under Liechtenstein law. It is tax-exempt and subject to the Foundation Supervisory Authority in Liechtenstein.


The foundation shall in particular support

  • charitable, humanitarian, and social works,
  • assistance to children, sick people, elderly people, and disabled people,
  • the humanities and the natural sciences including medical research, and
  • art and culture in the broadest sense.

Principles of our activity:

The Foundation only supports projects that comply with the principles of independence of gender, religion, nationality, origin and convictions.

Support is also only given to institutions that are recognised as non-profit and/or tax-exempt by the relevant authorities in the respective country and, if applicable, are entered in a corresponding register.

The Foundation does not grant permanent or long-term support to individual projects. Multi-year support is generally limited to a maximum of three years. A further application for the same project can only be made after an interruption of several years.

The Foundation develops its activities mainly in Switzerland, Great Britain, Israel and Austria.

Responsible persons:

The Foundation Council consists of the following five persons:

  • Raymond J. Bär
  • Dr. Peter Goop
  • Daniele Cogoi
  • Avv. Fabio Nider
  • lic. iur. Jesús Cortés

Content and formal requirements for applications

Applications must be submitted in German, Italian or English by e-mail only. The documents submitted must fulfil the requirements that can be found under the link below. Receipt of the application will be confirmed, but no further correspondence will be entered into. Applicants will be informed in writing after a decision has been made by the Foundation Council, even if the application is rejected. Applications that do not meet our requirements will be rejected by e-mail.

Requirements for requests for financial support

Deadline for applications 2024:
for discussion at the autumn meeting of the Foundation Council: 30 September 2024